12 Glass Panels - a Coloured Light Organism

farbiger lichtorganismusCobalt-blue therapy panel "My work with the glass panel motifs led me to the question of the number of motifs. This question became part of my intention to create a coloured light organism. The path of the sun, our largest source of light during the day and year, was particularly helpful. It is divided into 4 directions, these main directions all have 2 lesser directions on each side, which yields 12 directions in space. The quality of the light changes with the direction the sun is shining from: in brightness or darkness, warmth or coolness, active or passive dynamic, direct or indirect nature. The different spatial directions yield 12 different light conditions during the day, and 12 light - or, rather, dark - conditions at night. During the course of the year, the sun passes through the 12 constellations of the zodiac - here again there are 12 different conditions of light and 12 of darkness. Already in ancient times, in the stone circles, for example, the fall of the light was very important. The directions of space and the times of the day and year were very important in the gothic cathedrals, also. ...
In the first and second Goetheanum, the spatial directions and how the light entered through the coloured windows were very important, too."  (Marianne Altmaier, Metallfarblichttherapie, Mayer Verlag)

The series of 12 glass therapy panels which has come about has 6 reddish tones, which stimulate and lighten from within, and 6 blue/green tones that, from without, calm, give a protecting mantle, and darken. They are 12 basic qualities which can be varied depending on the need.

Medium sulfur-red
Dark sulfur-red