Esther Reimann-Liehrclothilde bernard

1972born in Postsmouth (UK)

1984 - 1993Student at the Schopfheim Waldorf School ( university-entrance diploma), one year earlier internship in a Waldorf Kindergarten in Norwich (UK)

1994 - 1997Studied social pedagogy (Bachelor of Arts) in Stuttgart

1998 - 2007active as a social pedagogue in open work with children and young people in the Lörrach social working group assoc.

2003 - 2007Refugee coordination in the district of Lörrach

2007 - 2013Parental leave (two children)

2011 - 2013Board member in the Schopfheim Waldorf Kindergarten assoc.

2013 - 2019two years in the administration, 2015 management of the Schopfheim Waldorf Kindergarten assoc.

2020Year of professional reorientation

2021Employee at Lichtblick in Schwörstadt: secretariat and organization