Friedlinde Meierfriedlinde meier

1958 born in Bad Nauheim, Germany

1978 – 1982 eurythmy training at the Eurythmeum, Stuttgart, Germany

1982 – 1995 taught eurythmy at Waldorf establishments
training instructor at
- speech formation and dramatic arts, Stuttgart, Germany and
- eurythmy initiative, Stuttgart, GermanyPublic public eurythmy courses

1999 – 2001 curative eurythmy training in Stuttgart, Germany

2001 – 2013 eurythmy and curative eurythmy at various anthroposophical institutions,
freelance work

2010 – 2013 further qualification as a metal colour light therapist with Marianne Altmaier and Lucien Turci, Lichtblick e.V., Schwörstadt, Germany

2013 – 2014 life and social counselor training at the Akademie Vaihingen e.V., Vaihingen, Germany

since 2014 coworker at Lichtblick e.V., Schwoerstadt, Germany

  • establishing and further developing the metal colour light therapy method
  • organization of the metal colour light therapists: research work, interdisciplinary exchange, further education, establishment of a professional associations
  • responsible for the training in metal colour light therapy
  • seminars