Hazel Adamshazel adams 1

1942 born in Danbury, Essex, England

1962 - 1968  worked in New Zealand, met Anthrophosophy

1970 - 1971began study of Anthroposophy, Forest Row Sussex

1973 - 1980painting, private tuition under Celia Wyatt: painting from Colour Theory of Goethe, Rudolf Steiner and his pupils

1974 - 1976Waldorf teacher training seminar, Emerson College, Sussex

1976 - 1984Housemother of Upper School Hostel, Michael Hall School

1979 - 1981Art Therapy Training at Tobias School of Art & Therapy

1983 - 1984Art Therapist/visiting teacher at The Mount Camphill Community
Art Therapist with Dr. June Burger in London
Art Therapist with Dr. David McGavin & partners at Blackthorn Trust, in Maidstone Kent
Coordinating building project for medical centre - opening 1991

1997 - 2007Work for Medical Section Liaison group in UK led to connecting with Marianne and her initiative for Metal Colour Light Therapy
Seminars and placement in Filder Klinik, Stuttgart, Germany

2007 - 2012Metal Colour Light Therapy with 12 windows in Blackthorn under supervision of Marianne Altmaier until retiring June 2012

2010 - 2014support and teaching in Metal Colour Light Training & seminars

since 2013Art therapist and Metal Colour Light therapist at Helios Medical Centre, Bristol with Dr. Frank Mulder & partners
and part of 2 times yearly research group into MCLT

since 2015introduction of MCL therapy with five windows at Helios, Bristol
working with individual patients, seminars

voluntary co-worker Verein Lichtblick

  • Teacher and member of the executive board for the three years training of the MCL therapists
  • Supervision of the English-speaking students
  • Presentation of the MCLT in English-speaking countries
  • Introductory seminars for MCLT