Edith Jost

1960born in the district of Lörrach, Germanyedith jost

1981 – 1995 studied industrial engineering at the FH Offenburg, worked as an industrial ingeneer, instructor in adult education, and freelance journalist

1995 – 2003 President of BUND (Friends of the Earth Germany) at the Environmental Centre Ortenau
- Public relations, fund-raising, environmental education, environmental consultant, political work

2004 – 2012Co-worker at an ecological specialist's office
- editorial reports, bookkeeping, human resources

2005 – 2008 Training at the Freiburger Heilpflanzenschule in herbal medicine and alternative gynecology and freelance soap-making

since 2006 Freelance journalist in the areas of medicinal plants, natural medicine, nature, the environment and aging

since 2012 Co-worker at Lichtblick e.V, Schwörstadt
- administration, organisation, publicity, website